Happy Young Mother Helping Her Daughter While Studying At Home

Teaching can be difficult.

Dear homeschool parents, I see you.  I see the hours you put into not only parenting but educating your children.  I see you searching for a curriculum that best suits each child’s learning style, looking for co-op opportunities, dodging negative comments from non-homeschoolers and trying to keep a positive outlook.  I see you. You have chosen a path some would never dare to try and I applaud you.  

I can offer support. There are those children who struggle to learn. These children are bright and wonderful but struggle all the same. You’ve used all the tricks in your book, purchased unique tools and specialized Curriculum to no avail. I am not here to replace you or tell you that you did a bad job I am here to help you. 

I have been in your shoes.  I did not take the brave road of homeschooling my children but I did have a child that struggled.  I tried everything I could to find him the help he needed. Tools, therapies, tricks, and multiple strategies. That is how I found the wonderful program I now provide.

I am here to teach your child how their brain works. How to use their individual strengths to their advantage to overcome what holds them back. I am here to train you, the parents to support your children in this new way. I am your handbook. Your personal manual for success where phonics, overlays, and repetitious drills have failed. 

I will help build confidence in both you and your child. Success is possible! Let me help!

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