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What’s “normal” and what’s not in reading?
As a young parent, I remember wondering if I was doing a good job preparing my children for reading. I started this preparation before they were even born reading toRead More
If Not Phonics Then What?
I Googled, “What is the best way to teach reading?”. The answer? Phonics. One site, in particular, struck a nerve with its list of “10 Simple Steps to Teach YourRead More
Dear Homeschool Parents
Happy Young Mother Helping Her Daughter While Studying At Home Teaching can be difficult. Dear homeschool parents, I see you.  I see the hours you put into not only parentingRead More
Making a decision when your child is behind in school. Diagnosis of learning disabilities.
My Child is behind. Now what?
There are tutors,  education centers promising brain training and results of exceeding your child’s academic potential, and other learning programs: Orton Gillingham, Barton, Davis, to name a few. Each makesRead More
Your child is smart but.....ADHD
Your child is smart but….
Inconsiderate.  Rude. Lacking. Loud.  Busy. Frustrating. Impossible. But smart...   How many other negative words can and have been used to describe an individual that struggles with attention and focus?Read More
Do you need a formal diagnosis for help with learning disabilities?
Is it a Learning Disability?
Do I Need a Formal Diagnosis? Do you remember the first time your baby was sick?  Chances are you were worried and called the pediatrician for the soonest possible appointment.Read More
Dyslexia. A story with a happy ending.
Portrait of teenage male student standing wall in corridor of a college. Caucasian male student in university campus. How the story starts... I want to share my middle child’s storyRead More