Making a decision when your child is behind in school. Diagnosis of learning disabilities.

There are tutors,  education centers promising brain training and results of exceeding your child’s academic potential, and other learning programs: Orton Gillingham, Barton, Davis, to name a few. Each makes claims as to why you should choose their method.  The options are many and which decision is best is nothing short of confusing. The question is HOW do you choose?

I was in this very predicament when my son was in 2nd grade.  I was overwhelmed just like you.  I thought sharing a little information on each of the different options might help others in making an informed decision.

What options when your child is behind?

*A general tutor is helpful when your child is lacking understanding in a few concepts or skills.  Maybe they missed school during key instruction and just need a few sessions to catch up. A tutor’s rates vary depending on your location. $20-$60 per hour.

*Learning/Educational Centers can also help fill in gaps in a specific subject matter.  They can also help with ACT and SAT prep as well as provide enrichment allowing for advancement in areas where individuals are already proficient.  Cost ranging $3,000-$12,000

*Specialized tutor such as Orton-Gillingham; a phonics-based reading tutor; “takes 60-100 hours of tutoring to increase one grade level. Cost $80-$100 an hour (~$10,000)” [1]

*Davis Programs for Dyslexia/Reading, Attention/ADHD & Math are a one-on-one 5-day multisensory intensive.  The Davis programs are strengths-based providing personal tools for lifelong success. An increase of 3-4 grade levels after the 5 days (30 hours). [2] Cost varies depending on location $2000-$5000 To learn more about the Davis programs and methods visit the Davis site.

I hope this helps even one family in making their decision. At the end of my search, I chose Davis for my son, only after lots of tutoring hours and trying endless things on my own at home.  I chose Davis for two reasons, the first being that another mom had raved about the Davis program and the results her daughter had. Her daughter had not only large gains in reading but also in her overall confidence; my son was defeated and had zero confidence; secondly, I had tried drills and repetition of phonics endlessly. Not only did my son hate this but he was not improving.  I knew he needed a unique approach and The Davis Dyslexia program offered just that.

Each parent knows their child and I believe they will make the choice that is in their child’s best interest.  If you are unsure if your child needs formal testing you can read more on that subject here.

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