My Child is behind. Now what?

Making a decision when your child is behind in school. Diagnosis of learning disabilities.

There are tutors,  education centers promising brain training and results of exceeding your child’s academic potential, and other learning programs: Orton Gillingham, Barton, Davis, to name a few. Each makes claims as to why you should choose their method.  The options are many and which decision is best is nothing short of confusing. The question […]

Is it a Learning Disability?

Do you need a formal diagnosis for help with learning disabilities?

Do I Need a Formal Diagnosis? Do you remember the first time your baby was sick?  Chances are you were worried and called the pediatrician for the soonest possible appointment.  We call the Dr. because they are the experts and they can tell us what is wrong and how to proceed.  When we know what […]

Dyslexia. A story with a happy ending.

How the story starts… I want to share my middle child’s story hoping it may benefit others. Before my son entered public school he was an outgoing, curious and bright little boy. When he began learning to read and write things changed drastically. Phonics was torture. He could read large words like “encyclopedia” but small […]